Cape San Blas/Indian Pass Property Management

A Better Normal on Florida’s Gulf Coast

In response to Hurricane Michael, we’ve developed a unique approach to property management on Cape San Blas and Indian Pass. We’ve been on the ground every day since the hurricane and this has allowed us to build a network of talent and recovery assets across Florida’s Gulf Coast. The restoration is underway and we are looking forward to serving owners in “a different way” than they have come to know. Make no mistake, there will be a better normal in property management in Port St. Joe.

Leadership on the St. Joesph Pennisula 

After Hurricane Michael, like every business in Port St. Joe, we did a gut and a heart check. It was heartbreaking to see the damage to nearly every home, our beaches, dunes, and infrastructure. We wanted to do anything we could to help restore this special part of the Gulf Coast. We believe that leadership and vision are essential to the economic recovery of the Vacation Rental Industry in Florida’s Gulf County. As passionate property managers, we’re up for that challenge. 


  • Local project management teams on the ground
  • Committed to the long-term recovery of the area
  • Accelerate physical recovery
Cape San Blas Property Management

Islands of Restoration to Accelerate Recovery

If your property was damaged, we’re here to help. Restoration happens one step at a time. That’s why we’re committed to covering the gaps that were exposed after the hurricane. We’ve established pockets of a healthy recovery and new services near Port St. Joe. We care about all of the properties on Cape San Blas and Indian Pass. While working hard to completely repair your home, we’re supporting the efforts to restore the whole area. This ensures that each community, no matter how small, is completely cared for and fully restored. By focusing on complete project management, our owners will see a quicker return to positive cash flow. 


  • Proven recovery strategies 
  • Complete project management one section at a time
  • Focused on the community as a whole

Returning Guest Demand 

We feel blessed to call Port St. Joe our home and the communities of Cape San Blas and Indian Pass mean a great deal to us because we are property owners ourselves on the Cape. We are working on ways to leverage the unfortunate but valuable and unexpected burst of national awareness for Port St Joe and the surrounding areas. We’re committed to staff expansion and recruitment. Our management strategy includes adding creative guest services, simplifying owner statements, offering more flexibility for our owners and a proactive, targeted approach of marketing to old and new visitors of the Cape and Indian pass.


  • Identifying new target markets for guests
  • Leading recovery efforts 
  • Committed to restoration growth on the Gulf Coast
Please contact us so we can share more details about our innovative approach