Cape San Blas Frequently Asked Questions

We hope that our frequently asked questions below will help you plan your Cape San Blas vacation. But as always, please don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions that are not included here. We would be happy to help with any Cape San Blas or Port St. Joe travel planning questions! 

Turtle nesting season in Cape San Blas

When is Scallop Season on Cape San Blas?

Most often, the season in Gulf County is mid-Aug thru late Sept, but it is best  to get the most up to date information at

When is Turtle hatching season on Cape San Blas?

Turtle hatching season is May 1 – October 31 for more information, check out the Forgotten Coast Sea Turtle Center. 

What is the Turtle Patrol?

Walking with the Turtle Patrol on their daily 6 AM walk is a popular activity at the Cape. It is a lot of fun spending time with this amazing team of volunteers walking the beach and looking for new nests. You can begin making reservations in March Email:


To learn more about the sea turtles, follow the Forgotten Coast Sea Turtle Center on Facebook!

Bonfire on beach in Cape San Blas

What are the rules about Beach bonfires on Cape San Blas?

Fires are allowed on the beach, but not within 100 feet of any structure, including a boardwalk. Fires must be attended and fully extinguished, remnants removed, and the hole filled before leaving the fire.


Grab a bundle of wood at Cape Trading Post and enjoy a fire on the beach! 

How do I get a permit to drive on the beach?

An annual permit to drive on the beach can be obtained at the Gulf County Tax Collector's office in the courthouse in Port St Joe. Annual passes for non-residents of Gulf County are $300.

Do I need a fishing license to fish off the beach on Cape San Blas? 

Yes, a shoreline fishing license can be purchases at Scallop Cove on CSB or at Blue Water Outrigger in Port St Joe. It's free for Florida residents.


Non-residents a buy 3 day, 7 day, or an annual fishing license for $17.50, $30.50, $47.00. 


A helpful site with general fishing information:

What is the best Insect repellant to use in this area?

Our recommendations would include;  Avon Skin So Soft Bug Guard, Australian Gold Sunscreen available at CVS or Amazon, Homies Bug Juice available at St Joe Shrimp on the Cape. Of course, the best one is the product that works for you! 


For the treatment of bug bites, we would suggest; Afterbite Itch Eraser available at CVS and Amazon.

Aerial of Cape San Blas

Is there still Hurricane Damage on the Cape?

The Cape San Blas did not have the extent of damage that was experienced in Mexico Beach and Port St Joe so the cleanup and rebuilding has been much faster than other areas. The beach restoration project was completed in November 2019 restoring the beautiful sugary white sand beaches of Cape San Blas. The sand dunes, that the Cape is known for, will continue to rebuild.

Is there a golf course near Cape San Blas?

St Joseph’s Bay Country Club is the only golf course in the area located at 700 Country Club Road, Port St. Joe (850-227-1751)

Where can I rent a Golf Cart on Cape San Blas?

Explore the sands of the Cape in the comfort of a golf cart. You can call or email Be Our Guest Vacation Homes to arrange it for you or you can go direct to St Joe Patio/850-229-1000 (located on the Cape) and St Joe Rental/ 850-227-2112. Limited availability; get your reservation in the books.

What’s up with the water Pressure on Cape San Blas?

Cape San Blas has their own water station but the pressure is lower than you would expect in the city. Occasionally a pump will go down temporarily but they are really good at getting back online quickly. 

Is there a Post Office on Cape San Blas?

The closest Post Office is at the corner of Garrison Ave and Cecil Costin in Port St Joe, about 20 minutes from Cape San Blas.

 Where is the nearest Hospital to Cape San Blas? ER? 

Sacred Heart Hospital is at 3801 Hwy 98 Port St Joe, about 20 minutes away.

Emergency Room is open 24 hours.